Our Jiu Jitsu classes are designed for everyday people and the whole family!

What is Jiu Jitsu?

Unlike other martial arts that focus on strikes and/or kicks, jiu jitsu focuses on close-contact “grappling” holds and techniques, and the application of chokes and joint-manipulations.

Make New Friends with Jiu Jitsu

There’s nothing like the BJJ community! You’ll get to experience the bond that comes from training together. BJJ is challenging both physically and mentally so you’ll quickly learn to work with your teammates to make real progress. As you learn and grow, you will be able to create lifelong memories and friendships.

Learn Self Defense

Knowing what to do in a bad situation requires intentional training over time. BJJ will give you a better understanding of how to avoid conflict and what to do if you need to deal with an attacker.

Learn a New Hobby

Adding to who you are as an individual can come in the form of picking up a new hobby. Some of the benefits that come with learning a new hobby include increasing your overall happiness and helping you not feel bored. You’ll feel less stressed and be more patient with yourself. You give yourself a healthy outlet to look forward to throughout the week.

Jiu Jitsu Improves Your Full-Body Strength

All forms of grappling such as Jiu Jitsu require you to engage your entire body as you work for takedowns, escape submissions, and launch your offense. Doing the movements your instructor has you do will develop everything including your upper body, core, and legs. Your body will get stronger as you train consistently.

It Gives You Better Cardio

Your overall physical endurance gets better over time as you learn BJJ. Since grappling arts such as BJJ involve your entire body, your cardiovascular system will get stronger. You’ll have more energy to go throughout the day whether you’re at work or taking care of tasks at home.

It Improves Your Mental Focus

Consistently doing difficult things will help you be able to focus more. BJJ teaches you to be mentally present. You learn how to commit your brainpower towards whatever you’re trying to accomplish such as finishing a submission or recovering from a hard throw. This ability to focus will help you in other areas of your life such as work and family relationships.

It Requires Critical Thinking

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gives you regular opportunities to test out solutions to problems you’re dealing with on the mat. You receive instant feedback as to whether or not what you’re doing works. This style of learning can be encouraging as you encounter problems outside of your gym since learning a new skill helps you develop stronger neural connections.

Most Importantly, It's Pure Fun!

There’s nothing like the amount of fun you’ll have from training! While training can be physically and mentally challenging, it’s not uncommon to see everyone on the mat smiling. You’ll have a great time as you work with your friends and grow together on your Jiu Jitsu journey.

Our Jiu Jitsu Lineage

Mitsuyo Maeda

Carlos Gracie

Helio Gracie

Carlson Gracie

Ricardo Libório

André Almeida

Leandro Escobar

Erick Raposo

Brian James

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